Web Design Theory - Day 3

Website Creation Process

  • RFP - Request For Proposal
  • Planning & Discovery (client meeting-conduct in person)
  • Proposal (conduct in person) - Signature - Deposit
  • Information Architecture Design (IA) - Site Map - Signature
  • Concepting/Interface Design - Wire Frames - Signature
  • Mock Up - Signature
  • Development - Signature
  • Quality Assurance - Signature
  • Deployment - Signature

How much do I charge?

  • Use Site Map to estimate number of pages to be built
  • Estimate amount of time for each step
  • Determine hourly rate
  • Do the math
  • Contingency?
  • Are there any additional charges (pictures / custom fonts)
  • PIA Factor

Lets do a budget for a 10 page website

Lets look over a proposal

Time to Work

Finish up yesterday's assignment and make sure we review it in person. If you're done yesterday's then move onto the extra exercises.

Extra Exercises

We'll be repeating the same exercise but in a different context. Choose any of the next options to work on.

Sell Some Yogurt

In this industry we're constantly asked to create brand websites for everyday consumer items. How would you represent yogurt online? Note with this kind of site you're talking about the product but you can't actually buy it online.

Sell Some T-Shirts

The internets ecommerce darling. Create your own ecommerce store and sell some T-shirts online.

Sell Yourself

Create a portfolio site for yourself, how would you represent yourself online? You'll all need to create a site like this eventually.

Fonts On The Web

Back In The Day

We were limited to system fonts provided by Windows and OS X. These really limited us down to Times New Roman, Georgia, Ariel and Verdana.

Graphical vs Editable Text

These days there's no need for graphical text outside of some promotional banners. It can't be read by search engines and can't be edited in a CMS so there's no place for it in today's web.


Not all fonts are free. So depending on your chosen fonts you'll need to make sure you acquire appropriate licensing to use it.

Font Choice Today

Font choice is pretty much unlimited depending on your audience. Go take a look.

Multilingual Site

When dealing with multiple languages you may have to limit your font selection based on the characters needed. Many fonts will work when dealing with Latin based languages but when getting into Cyrillic, Greek, Asian or Arabic you'll really need to simplify your font selection.

Icon Fonts

An easy way to pull graphical elements into your website that scale.

Second Assignment

SAIT needs a new website for it's fast-track programs. Using what you've learned so far respond to the RFP by Tuesday September 22, 2015 at 4:00pm.

Enjoy your weekend
See You Monday